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Kazmir Kountry sits on twenty-five acres in

Cedar Creek, Texas, just east of Austin. 

Stacy & Cliff Kazmir with Lil Gretch & Lil S'mores, the first ND kids born at Kazmir Kountry.

Who We Are...


We began our "goat journey" in 2013 while working towards agricultural tax exemption for our property in Cedar Creek, Texas. We started out with four unregistered goats & eventually incorporated purebred Nigerian Dwarfs into our herd as well.


We learned rather quickly that everyone in this crazy business seems to have an opinion regarding goat care, which inevitably differs from that of the next person. Raising goats is an ever-learning hobby/business, & we are happy to pass along tips on what has & has NOT worked for us in the past, based on our actual personal experiences.


We strive to try & keep this hobby as FUN as possible! We were fortunate enough to have had two incredible "mentors" who helped us through our learning curve, & who continue to share their knowledge based upon years of experience!

Our goal at Kazmir Kountry is to "play it forward" to those who need advice, & we hope that you will not hesitate to reach out, if necessary! We strive to raise friendly, lovable, healthy goats, as our kids are handled regularly from birth. We do offer bottle babies, upon request.

We receive a number of inquiries for fall kids. Please understand that we only breed for spring kids due to the fact that our shared love for hunting keeps us tied up from October to January!

Stacy with her herd of 2016 kids! 

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